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Rugby has become a personal favorite for many people around the world. Due to its fantastic camaraderie, fun atmosphere and membership benefits, the Old Aztecs Rugby Club offers everyone a memorable experience. Whether you look for a place that will allow you to improve your skills, or you are not familiar with the sport’s rules and tactics, spend your time with the members of this club and get ready for an awesome rugby adventure with your new companions.

Located in San Diego, the place is the perfect opportunity for those who are fans of this activity. It promotes all the values of rugby and is a great source of information and techniques for the beginners. From training sessions to numerous national competitions, you can enjoy your hobby and play it at a high level. Explore different parts of the country with your mates and savor each moment of your time together on and outside of the pitch.

As every individual comes with his own unique personality, you will love the community that welcomes everyone with open arms. All players form unbreakable bonds and help each other in difficult times. You will improve you mood with endless jokes and banter that start right from the changing rooms and continue onto the field and at the bar where you go for a cold beer after the game. Get close to your partners and have fun on the tournament rides..

Families and friends are also gladly accepted to every game. You can share all your interesting stories during barbeques on weekends which take place in a family ambiance and receive advice from the most experienced new buddies. Let the cheers of the lovely supporters encourage you every time and appreciate the amazing contribution of the sponsors. Join the Old Aztecs Rugby Club for the most entertaining time of your life and be part of the wonderful team!

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